Our people strategy is centred around Dewhurst Group’s values of honesty and integrity. Our aim is to create and maintain an environment where people are engaged, and feel empowered, motivated, and fulfilled.

Diversity and Inclusion

Dewhurst Group is committed to equality in terms of opportunity, where we recruit people to positions that best suit their abilities.

We recognise the importance of inclusion and diversity in recruiting and retaining skills and talent. We want to create an open and inclusive workplace culture in which everyone feels valued and respected and where their contribution is recognised. We believe that through diversity and empowering our employees to share their different perspectives, we will make the Group stronger and more successful.

Equally important, we are committed to having a workplace free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying. We ensure that we treat all employees with dignity and respect. Our Discrimination, Equality, Bullying, and Harassment policies are promoted and publicised across the Group, and Dewhurst Ltd and TMP have been awarded silver accreditations from Investors in People.

34% of our employees globally are women. We aim to continue to promote women to senior positions across the Group.

Health and Safety

Our General Managers, supported by the Group Quality team, lead by reinforcing and complying with health and safety regulations for their businesses.

Regularly, employees undertake health and safety training courses, with further specific and refresher training dependent on role and length of employment.

The Group Board monitors and records all near-misses and incidents. We investigate the causes of incidents, then follow through with training and operational processes as needed. Further, we make adjustments to ensure incidents do not reoccur. We also take corrective actions according to our internal audit reports to prevent incidents.

In 2023 we will implement a Group-wide Health and Safety policy, which will provide a comprehensive description of responsibilities for health and safety throughout the organisation.
Moreover, we have updated our Coronavirus policy in each business in line with the UK Government’s “Living with Covid” plan or the equivalent local government recommendations. Our priority is protecting the health and safety of our employees and encouraging people to always behave safely.


At Dewhurst Group, the wellbeing of our staff is of paramount importance. We strive to maintain an organisation with engaged and motivated employees with good physical and mental health.

Mental Health

12 of our employees have been trained and appointed as mental health first aiders in the UK. We encourage an “It’s good to talk” approach with all employees across the Group.

Employees can take advantage of dedicated independent mental health support via our healthcare benefits scheme. Also, to further promote mental and physical wellbeing, we provide wellness rooms on-site.

To reduce our environmental impact and support healthier lifestyles, we encourage our employees to participate in the Cycle to Work Scheme.


ESG Dewhurst Group Newsletter Engagement

All employees are encouraged to provide comments and feedback via forums such as Work Councils or one-to-ones with their line managers. In 2023, we will roll out a formal annual employee engagement survey.

GMs carry out regular companywide meetings to ensure engagement with all staff. Additionally, our quarterly newsletter shares information and updates from around the Group.

We hold an annual Forum organised at one of our businesses. The senior management team gathers to discuss issues they are facing, and share solutions and best practice. Also, the Group Board communicates the Group’s strategy to the team.


Dewhurst Group encourages volunteering and strongly believes in giving back to local communities. We continue to work on events and initiatives as part of our drive to collaborate with local communities and achieve social objectives.

2023 Marathon Weekender

Over the weekend of April 22nd-23rd, our employees at Dewhurst Group worked together in teams of four to collectively walk/run two marathons over a weekend and raise money for charity.

As a group we managed 2,738,950 steps covering 1,277 miles in one weekend. That’s over 48 marathons in total! We raised over £10,000 for the UNICEF Turkey and Syria earthquake appeal.

2022 Step Challenge

In April 2022, 148 Dewhurst Group employees around the world volunteered to participate in a month-long Step Challenge.

The aim was to raise money for the Hungarian Red Cross to help the refugee crisis related to the war in Ukraine. Our employees competed in teams of four, walked nearly 47 million steps, and raised over £10,000.

2021 Lift Industry Charity Cycling Challenge

Training and Development

We aim to develop, reward, and retain talent. Throughout the Group, we support a collaborative culture where people are encouraged to come forward with ideas for self-development. We provide continuous learning and professional development opportunities to all employees.

At Dewhurst Group, the performance management process includes identifying training needs for our people. This process consists of regular one-to-ones and annual reviews to measure performance against documented objectives.

During the coming year, we will enhance our Group apprenticeship programme. We intend to take on more apprentices and invest in our local markets.


We aim to minimise the environmental impact within our operations and supply chain. We plan to become a recognised industry leader in environmental initiatives.

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